Department of Chemistry

NMR Facility

The Chemistry Department currently has three Bruker high field NMR spectrometers: one 600 Megahertz (MHz), and two 400 MHz instruments. In addition there are two 60 MHz Magritek Spinsolve NMR spectrometers equipped with autosamplers available for teaching.


To use the instruments, one must attend a training class and be issued a computer login with password. If you are interested in attending a training session, please contact facilities supervisor Russ Hopson.

Names and Locations of NMRs

Name Location Probe Best NMR for


GC410 - 400MHz Furthest from Door on Left


2nd most sensitive for all nuclei


GC410 - 400MHz Closest to Door on Left


 2nd most sensitive for all nuclei


GC410 - 600MHz Closest to Door on Right


Most sensitive for all nuclei

NOTE: A 10ul Capillary NMR probe and an 4mm HR-MAS probe are available for the 400MHz spectrometers and can be installed upon request. A 600 MHz z-BBO that can lock on 19F on the 1H channel, and observe 2H on the BB channel, as well as a z-TXI probe are available for the 600 MHz Spectrometer.

Guides & Resources

Contact Information

For queries regarding the facility, equipment and other related questions, please email Russell Hopson, Ph.D., NMR Spectrometer Specialist.