Department of Chemistry


The Chemistry Department at Brown engages scientific problem solving that advances our understanding of chemistry from the most fundamental level and addresses the needs of today's society.

Chemists at Brown advance knowledge and discovery in theoretical, physical, inorganic, organic, materials, and biological chemistry. Innovative research areas include sustainability and green chemistry, chemistry and medicine, design and application of new materials, and novel methods of understanding molecular dynamics and reactions. 


Brown Chemistry research groups, in collaboration with other Brown schools and departments, as well as national laboratories, prepare students to succeed in a complex and changing world.

Academic Programming

The department offers academic programming which includes introductory and advanced courses, a Ph.D. program, and three undergraduate concentrations: Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Chemical Physics. To complement academic programs, the department’s weekly colloquium series and other seminars and events connect Brown with faculty and industry leaders throughout the world—including departmental alumni—to enrich students’ learning as they engage and develop their intellectual independence.

Our concentrators undertake an academically rigorous course of study which advances knowledge and discovery to prepare students to succeed in a complex and changing world.
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In our graduate program, Ph.D. candidates choose research groups and elective courses based on their individual goals and interests, graduating ready for successful careers in today's changing world.
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