Department of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry offers three distinct concentrations: Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Chemical Physics.

The Sc.B. degrees in each of these concentrations provide a thorough foundation for further graduate study or for entry-level technical positions in each area.

Sc.B. Chemistry / A.B. Chemistry

Students seeking the Sc.B. may either pursue the standard Chemistry concentration or one of the two optional tracks: Chemical Biology or Materials Chemistry. Students may also pursue the A.B. degree, which provides a core education in the discipline.

Concentration Advisors

Sc.B. Biochemistry

How does life work at the molecular level? This question is at the core of the concentration program in Biochemistry. Offered jointly with MCB.

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Concentration Advisors

Please email for any concentration related questions and to be assigned a Biochemistry concentration advisor. 

Sc.B. Chemical Physics

The concentration provides students with a broad-based understanding in fundamental molecular sciences, as well as a background for graduate studies in physical chemistry, chemical physics, or molecular engineering. Offered jointly with Physics.

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