Department of Chemistry

Jesse Morin

Lecturer in Chemistry
GeoChem 451
Research Interests Course-based research experiences, Inclusive pedagogy, Science identity and self efficacy as indicators of persistence in STEM, Chemical education, Antibiotic discovery, Organic chemistry, Green chemistry, Developing authentic course-based research experiences for introductory organic chemistry students, Designing and implementing inclusive and anti-racist pedagogy


Research Statement 

My research has the ultimate goal of developing, implementing, and evaluating inquiry and research-based laboratory pedagogy that promotes student retention in STEM careers, particularly for students historically under-represented in STEM. The efficacy of different models is evaluated based on students’ development of self-efficacy and science identity, both of which are thought to be key predictors of persistence in STEM fields. As part of this work, we also develop new and greener reaction conditions for common chemical transformations that have applications in teaching settings and more broadly in synthetic organic chemistry. Lastly, I am also interested in antibiotic discovery and isolating and elucidating the structures of bioactive compounds isolated from soil bacteria.


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