Department of Chemistry

Christoph Rose-Petruck

Professor of Chemistry
GeoChem 245
Research Interests Ultrafast x-ray science, Ultrafast spectroscopy of chemical reactions, Medical x-ray and ultrasound imaging, X-ray microscopy


Research Statement 

  • The ultrafast motions of atoms during chemical reactions are investigated theoretically and experimentally using x-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy.
  • Nano-structured objects are imaged using an imaging modality based on small-angle x-ray scattering. This imaging modality is applied to medical imaging, for instance of liver cancers, as well as the imaging of nanomaterial structures and their chemical or physical transformations. 
  • The upconversion of CO2 to feedstock for the chemical industry is studied electro-chemically using nano-structured electroytes.


  • 1993 - Dr. rer. nat.: Ludwid-Maximilians University, Muchen, Germany 
  • 1988 - Diplom, Physics: Technical University, Hannover, Germany 
  • 1984 - Vordiplom, Georg-August University, Gottingen, Germany


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